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Brian Smith - Worship Pastor


Describe your role at NBBC. As a worship leader, my calling, privilege, and joy is to plan and lead fellow worshippers to the throne of the Creator of Life in a way which brings glory to His name, lifts up the risen Christ, and frees the Holy Spirit to work in our lives to make us more like Jesus every time we gather. 


Describe a time in your life when God taught you a valuable lesson, or a time when God revealed Himself to you in a big way.  Around 2013, when teaching jobs in colleges were drying up and my career in that field seemed impossible to pursue, the Lord showed His sovereignty and grace by redirecting me back to my hometown to care for my parents.  The following two or three years of caring for them, and ultimately their passing, allowed me time with them that I could never have enjoyed had I been following my plans instead of His.  Through that process, He also provided a place of ministry and even a wonderful wife.  God redeemed time I thought was gone forever. He makes all things new.


Describe the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time. My family considers me a nerd for enjoying the Star Trek and Matrix movie series, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and Barnwood Builders.  They also do not share my love of watching professional golf on TV.  When able, I love to actually play golf, fish, and find “mom and pop” restaurants to try while on trips.  Speaking of trips, my bucket list destination is the Holy Land…one day!


What is your favorite cereal?  I enjoy Frosted Flakes right out of the box as a snack.  (Does this mean I need more prayer than others?)

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