Kelli Banther - Kids for Christ Director


Describe your role at NBBC. As Children’s Director,  I oversee all duties and responsibilities concerning the discipleship of the families and children at NBBC.


What is your personal mission for the role?  To provide a safe, loving, and fun environment that provides a solid, biblical foundation of teaching for the children and their families.  To nurture the children and the family in a way that brings about a desire to have a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  To bring glory to God in all things.


Our focus is F.A.M.I.L.Y.

F- fun environment

A- acting in love

M- making disciples

I- imitating Christ

L- living in unity

Y- yearning to know God more


Describe a time in your life when God taught you a valuable lesson, or a time when God revealed Himself to you in a big way.  God revealed Himself to me when He prompted me to pursue a different path in my education and career. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and Masters in Child and Family Studies. God is the only reason I have made it through college at this stage of life. My desire is to come alongside children and families to help spread God's love and foster a relationship with Christ. 

Choose a movie title that describes your life, or describe the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time.


Movie title:  Courageous

Currently, I am catching up on all the Marvel movies!


What is your favorite cereal?  Reese’s Puffs!

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