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Prepare to be surprised!  We think that's what you will experience when you're a guest at New Bethel Baptist Church.  We are a friendly, community centered group of believers, who genuinely love people and want you to feel right at home when you visit us.  NBBC is a multi-generational church with an eye on serving others. 
Our heart is a direct reflection of Christ's love for mankind, meaning that our church is in service to all backgrounds and age ranges.  Our seniors and adults, to our youth and children, share in that intrinsic value that God gives to all of us as His creation.  We want your family to see NBBC as your long-term Church Family!  Our desire is to equip you, your family and children, for life's big challenges that surely lie ahead, and from a positive foundation found in God's Word.  Have you ever said, "Life is hard!"  We have all experienced those moments in some form or another.  At NBBC, we have found that tackling hard life moments together makes them less hard!  This is a place where you can find Christian friends who are ready to make the journey along side you, when its easy... and especially when it gets tough. 
We like to think of ourselves as a Beacon of Hope in the Harrison Bay area.  First, this means that we seek to exalt Jesus Christ above everything else, making Him and His good news our focus in everything that we do.  Second, we want to be a light, an encouragement, to everyone in our community.  If you need a place were the people are friendly and will genuinely care about you and your family, that's New Bethel.
As pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church,  I am excited to see what God is doing in our community through our church family.  I encourage you to explore our webpage to discover where to plug-in on your next visit.  You can also email me at with any questions you may have, or follow our Facebook page to stay updated on everything that is going on.  Hope to meet you in person soon!
Pastor Earnie Burfitt


At NBBC, we believe the idea of church extends well beyond our physical walls. Jesus teaches that the greatest two commandments are first, to love the Lord your God, and second, to love all people, from all backgrounds and life experiences (Matthew 22:37–40). The Harrison Bay area is not simply a location, but we believe it is the community that God has called us to love. We do that through open doors, so we can listen to the various needs present, and through open arms, so we can meet those needs and serve our community in any way possible. 


Above all else, our mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community, as a light in the darkness (John 1:5). We want anyone who can hear to know that the wages of sin is a problem for every person, and that spiritual death is a reality because of it (Romans 6:23). Knowing the seriousness of the depravity we humans all share, we do not think it unfair for God to be wrathful as He judges. However, He is also a loving Father, who would rather be reconnected with creation.


Therefore, He has made a way for us to be forgiven of the sin- the depravity- and has given a Savior to rescue us from the spiritual death (John 3:16), which is separation from Him in Hell. Likewise, for anyone that believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, meaning a true repentance of sin and a turning to follow Him forever, will receive the gift of salvation and a relationship with Jesus (Romans 10:9), as well as, eternal life in Heaven!

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